Small Company, Big Crisis

How To Prepare For, Respond To, And Recover From A Business Crisis

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About Bronwyn

Bronwyn Reid is a small business owner and entrepreneur who specialises in helping small businesses grow by taking on contracts with large organisations.

Bronwyn’s businesses have been supplying to national and international companies, and all levels of Government for over 25 years. Growing up in regional Queensland, she experienced her family’s agribusiness operations of supplying to large organisations. Now, her environmental consultancy has been supplying to agribusiness, government and the giants of the resources industry for 25 years, so she has a lifetime of experience of attracting, winning, and retaining work with such organisations.

Over that lifetime, Bronwyn has also seen and experienced the effects of economic booms and busts, natural disasters and personal crises that can derail, or be fatal to, a small business. This book compiles her experience and the lessons she has learned about preparing for, negotiating, and exiting from such crises with your business and your sanity intact.

Some lovely comments from my editor, Samantha Sainsbury

"What an extraordinary and timely book this is! I am simply agog at your passion, intelligence, pragmatism & empathy".

"Business books can feel soulless & a dime a dozen preaching all sorts of get-rich-quick malarky. This book is the opposite of that".

"This is a tremendously well-written, interesting, insightful and practical book that is going to be the bible for small business owners"

Comments From My Beta Readers & Early Reviewers ...

Owning a business is both incredibly rewarding and incredibly heart-breaking. An owner might spend years toiling away, pouring their blood, sweat and tears into a project, only to see it torn apart in an unexpected (but inevitable!) crisis. So many business owners are guilty of spending too much timing working on instead of in the business – myself included! This book succeeds in making smart future-proofing less daunting and more achievable. For so many business owners, their venture means everything to them and having your steady, guiding hand and clear, forward-looking eyes will give the reader the confidence to face the future, come what may. Well done! 

— Beta Reader #7, Australia

This book is an excellent synopsis of what is happening in the world of business today. It gives business owners some excellent ideas about how to navigate the future of business, especially after Covid is history. A definite read for both small and large business people.

— Ian Dainty, Maximise Business Marketing. Canada

Overall I think you have done a great job!  I think it is a good collection of tools and references of external sources that a lot of business owners would not have had the opportunity to research. Plus putting them all together will make it easier for them to go back and refresh on.

Beta Reader #1, UK

Bronwyn I must congratulate on a easy to read and easy to understand manuscript. Well done - even a non business person like me can follow your instructions and ideas easily. Well done.

Beta Reader #2, South Africa

Absolutely love the term ‘ethics moments’ and it will be one of my biggest take aways from the book.

Beta Reader #3, UK

Really interested in the use of theory throughout, and you provide reference points for readers to go and delve further into the detail - really like this.

Beta Reader #4, UK

Really like the mix of practical and hopeful, ending with a galvanising call for us all to do better and hold those in power accountable  

Beta Reader #5, Australia

I actually think as a whole piece it’s fantastic! I love your voice through it all. 

Beta Reader #6, Australia

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